Expat Investors

Helping Americans get their money home and invested

Pinkston Property Investment Services (“PPIS”) knows firsthand of the travails that expatriates experience when seeking out investments. U.S. regulation of American citizens living abroad is onerous and deters many financial service providers from working with expats. For example, expats cannot buy U.S. mutual funds1 and many brokerage companies will simply not open accounts for expats.2 At the same time, foreign banks and financial service providers are often hesitant to work with expats because of the burdens of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

The roots of PPIS began in its principal’s experience living abroad in Vienna, Austria. Real estate investing in the United States generally and Colorado more specifically provided an asset class not affected by arbitrary laws affecting Americans living abroad and provided a sound return. PPIS provides expats with a reliable partner, who understands their unique concerns, on the ground in the United States to help them invest their money in a secured asset; an asset that can also be reallocated via a 1031 real estate exchange once an expat returns to the United States. In addition, PPIS has developed a network of service providers who can further help with the investment. Under the right conditions, expats can access the U.S. mortgage market under the same or similar terms as domestic investors.

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